Promoting women’s rights and gender equality – Key priority for Norway and Canada

Photo: Foreign Ministry - Photo: Foreign Ministry - "Frihet, makt og muligheter - Handlingsplan"

Gender equality and women’s rights are key policy priorities in Canada and Norway. The promotion and protection of women’s rights and gender equality are crucial to development, and constitute important areas in both countries’ foreign policy.

Norway has a long tradition of working for women’s rights and gender equality. This dimension must be central on the international agenda in order to achieve the UN’s sustainability development goals.

In September 2016, Norway launched a new action plan for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Foreign and Development Policy. The Norwegian Government is modernising the approach to these issues, as a new era requires new answers.

The new action plan gives priority to education for girls, women’s political and economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. Progress in all these areas is crucial if girls and women are to have the freedom, power and opportunities to shape their own lives.

In connection with the action plan, Norway is establishing a new gender equality for development programme called “LIKE”. Under the programme, Norway will provide expertise and promote cooperation in the field of gender equality, with a view to making aid in this area more effective.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Børge Brende says, The realisation of women’s human rights is not only a goal in itself; it is also a driver of development and democracy.

Read the press release here.
Read the action plan here. (Only in Norwegian for now)

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