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The oceans – of vital importance to both Norway and Canada

While Canada has the world’s longest coastline, Norway has sovereign rights over an area of sea six times the size of its land area. Hence, healthy and productive oceans are of vital importance to both our countries.

Norway will launch both a new maritime strategy and a white paper on the role of oceans during spring 2017. The white paper will focus on the role of oceans in relation to foreign and development policy, while the new maritime strategy will have a clear focus on economic development.

Norway has a long history as a maritime nation. The opportunities and potential for growth and creation of new maritime industries are many. There is also growing international awareness that oceans and their resources will become increasingly important, especially considering that the world's population is expected to reach nearly ten billion by 2050. The role of oceans is crucial for solutions to global food security, poverty reduction, international transport, research and development, and efforts to address climate change and pollution.

Oceans are one of the priorities in the Norwegian government’s long-term plan for research. The government aims to secure sustainable management of marine resources at the global level. Moreover, a key priority of Norway’s foreign policy is to ensure that oceans are healthy and productive for future generations. Norway aspires to be at the forefront of the global development and does already have a strong international position in maritime industries (oil and gas, shipping and fisheries).

“While the global importance of the oceans continues to increase, their sustainability is coming under threat. As a maritime nation, Norway can play a leading role in the vital efforts to safeguard the oceans through international cooperation. We will elaborate on this in a white paper to the Storting”, says Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Børge Brende.

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