Arctic Northern Norway

Norway boasts numerous natural wonders, including the fjords and ice caves, but it’s also full of surprises.

In Northern Norway, for instance, there are climatic variations from the southwest to the northeast part of this region. However, you still get to experience the jaw-dropping view of the midnight sun or the northern lights in the winter night sky.

In fact, Northern Norway is the only region where you will encounter the diversity of both nature and its culture. The Torghatten mountain, located in Helgeland, is one unique rock formation that you should see for yourself.

Moreover, being a multi-cultural region, it houses regular Norwegians, the Norwegian Finn and the Russian populations, and the indigenous Sami folk.

Once you arrive in Northern Norway, you must go fishing for once or try out their world-class seafood. In fact, gear up for some fishing from January to April. Who knows, you might end up reeling in an Atlantic cod that migrates from the Barents Sea.

For your bucket list, you can check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vegaøyan. This archipelago in the Norwegian Sea features several scenic spots that include Kystriksveien, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. So, island hopping is one dream activity you can add to your list.

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