Buying CBD in Norway – A Guide to Regulations and Safe Choices

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Although CBD has gained popularity in Europe, the Norwegian Medicine Agency upholds strict regulations in Norway. Strict regulations now govern the use and sales of CBD. If you’re looking for a discreet and practical solution, consider reliable websites that provide a variety of CBD products, such as Exhale Wellness gummies, which are made to perfectly comply with Norway’s legal requirements. Discover how to buy CBD in Norway while adhering to the law by reading the tips provided below.

Is CBD Legal in Norway?

Because Norway is not a member of the European Union, the general CBD (hemp) legislation in Europe does not apply (EU). Hemp was outlawed in Norway in 1964 owing to its link to marijuana. But with progressiveness, the Norwegian government has its grip and decriminalizing all substances, including CBD. Now, the NMA (Norwegian Medicines Agency) classifies CBD as a medicine that may only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, only CBD with 1% or less THC is permitted.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the potential benefits of CBD, leading to a shift in Norway’s stance on its usage. The classification of CBD as a medicine with prescription-only access reflects the evolving perspective toward cannabis-related products within the country.

How to Buy CBD in Norway

Individuals may only obtain CBD from a registered pharmacy if they follow their doctor’s prescription, as CBD is still considered a prescription medicine in Norway.

However, if you want to buy it without a prescription, it must be utterly devoid of CBD isolate (THC). On the other hand, those hoping to enter the private importation of CBD with traces of THC are out of luck because the government still outlaws the practice. Despite these strict regulations, the Nordic nations have organized multiple meetings to consider how to loosen the limits even more. If this happens, cannabis-based goods and CBD products comprising less than 0.2 percent THC, like most other European countries, may be accessible without a prescription. The ongoing discussions suggest a potential shift in Norway’s approach to CBD and cannabis-related products soon.

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Where To Buy CBD In Norway?

In addition to obtaining a doctor’s prescription to get CBD from a drugstore, individuals can acquire CBD online. Such purchases must be THC-free until the tight laws are relaxed.

Although buying online is a more convenient way to access THC-free CBD, it still comes with several risks. Some businesses don’t bother shipping to Norway because of its stringent regulations. Also, even if one finds a store that can send THC-free CBD, there is still a chance that the cargo may be confiscated by overzealous customs agents, resulting in a loss of the purchase price and delivery cost.

When one finally scales through these obstacles, it is crucial to look out for a few things while utilizing an online service. Check for reputable sellers who comply with Norway’s regulations and provide detailed product information, ensuring a smoother and more secure online CBD purchasing experience.

Here are a few examples:

1. Keep an eye on how the product is marketed

Scammers who want to make quick money will pitch CBD as a cure-all. Don’t buy anything if the store is more preoccupied with selling the product than being honest about its quality. Look for transparent and informative marketing that focuses on the product’s attributes and uses without making unrealistic claims. Genuine sellers prioritize customer education over quick sales, providing a trustworthy environment for purchasing CBD products.

2. Check the THC content on the label

CBD must be THC-free if it is to be purchased outside of a doctor’s prescription. As a result, ensure the online product specifies that it contains no THC. Pay careful attention to the product’s labelling and description, as reliable sellers provide clear information about THC levels, ensuring you make informed choices and adhere to Norway’s regulations when buying CBD online.

3. Look for CBD that has been lab-tested by a third party

Check if the vendor has a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party tester. This certifies that the product has been thoroughly tested and is free of contaminants. Purchasing CBD with third-party lab testing ensures transparency and quality, giving you confidence in the product’s safety and authenticity.


Navigating the landscape of buying CBD in Norway requires a nuanced understanding of the country’s evolving regulations and the potential challenges associated with acquiring these products. While obtaining CBD with a doctor’s prescription is the primary avenue, the option of purchasing online comes with its own set of hurdles, such as stringent customs regulations and the need for THC-free products. As consumers explore online options, it is crucial to scrutinize marketing strategies, ensuring a focus on product quality rather than exaggerated claims.

Additionally, being vigilant about THC content, seeking products that are lab-tested by third parties, and verifying Certificates of Analysis contribute to a safer and more informed CBD purchasing experience. While Norway‘s CBD landscape is marked by strict regulations, ongoing discussions about loosening restrictions hint at a possible shift in the future. For now, consumers must tread carefully, balancing convenience with compliance to ensure the purchase of high-quality, legal CBD products in Norway.

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