How Climate Change is Affecting Norway

Climate change has had an alarming impact on several countries across the globe, with underdeveloped nations being the most vulnerable.

In fact, such drastic change has even affected a few Scandinavian locations, including Norway. With that said, the following information outlines the many contributors that have evolved the Norwegian landscape and several ways of solving climate change.

Rainfall in the country has soared to roughly 20% for the last hundred years, and it may even become more intense annually. Unfortunately, the floods caused by heavy rain can negatively affect food production. After all, farming, fishing, and other nature-based industries are prone to excessive flooding.

However, since climate change is forecasted to affect Norway to a greater extent in the years to come, the best solution that we can apply to minimize its impact is to adapt to it actively.

One of the few ways to mitigate it is increased utilization of Norwegian forests for carbon storage. Each year, the country’s forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, equal to about 60% of country-wide emissions.

Another beneficial solution is to encourage agricultural activities to emit lower greenhouse gases as much as possible. Overall, adaptation toward climate change will play a crucial role in many risk reduction efforts and – most importantly – climate policy.

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