Sunny Southern Norway

One area in Norway is notable for bringing happy faces to locals and foreigners alike: Southern Norway.

You might be wondering why right now, but it is all thanks to the blue summer skies, the sparkling seas, and the smooth yet warm coastal rocks in the area. It’s no wonder most natives call Southern Norway “the smiling south.”

In addition, plenty of charming spots in Southern Norway await eager travelers. Take the book village of Tvedestrand, for example. Aside from this, other places you should check out are the beautiful towns of Grimstad and Mandal, where white wooden dwellings fill the streets along the coastline.

You can also drop by the municipality of Risor in Agder county and pay the artisans behind gorgeously handcrafted accessories a visit. Furthermore, try venturing into other popular tourist attractions in Southern Norway like Lindesnes.

Situated on the southernmost part of the country, Lindesnes is home to the region’s iconic lighthouse that has been illuminating the neighboring seas for more than hundreds of years. This lighthouse vacation stay will be a perfect addition to your bucket list.

Aside from these, the Southern Norway region also offers some holiday homes that are available for rent. In fact, one of the best things about this region is the nearby tiny fishing villages, such as Ny-Hellesund.

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