The Central County of Trondelag

At the very heart of Norway lies the perfect place to plan out your itinerary. Whether you are crossing the Arctic north, exploring the wild west, or looking for peace of mind, booking a stay in Trondelag is highly recommended.

Trondelag is highly recognized as the country’s most agricultural region, perhaps due to its steadily thriving farm produce. In fact, the majority of dairy and meat production takes place here.

Aside from this, this county is also home to sodd, a traditional soup filled with lamb or beef meatballs, and the heimbrent or heimert moonshine. The arts are also prevalent here, with high-level jazz music dominating the region.

Additionally, you will discover the iconic regional landmark Powerhouse, one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. This environmentally-friendly structure showcases an impressive 3,000 sq.m. solar panel-installed roof.

Lastly, if you want to avoid the crowd and chill out, stay longer so you can further appreciate their laid-back way of life. When you live in the moment, you’ll sometimes hear the natives mention the word “kos” to visitors. Kos is a Norwegian term that stands for “having a good time.”

Overall, the longer you remain in Trondelag, the slower the time passes, and the more you’ll have a good time.

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