Top 3 Small Towns in Norway to Visit

Norway is no doubt one of the world’s best countries to live in for several reasons. Far-stretching fjords, magical ice caves, exotic nordic cuisine, and a laid-back atmosphere are among the compelling reasons everyone should do so.

Even the country’s tiny villages alone provide dramatic scenery. With that said, check out the following top small Norwegian towns that backpackers should visit.

1. Longyearbyen

This icy town is the largest throughout the Svalbard islands and the world’s northernmost settlement. The tranquil cold in this place adds to an overall scenic view, especially without sunlight for four months annually – starting approximately from late October to early March.

However, the best experience you’ll possibly encounter when you visit Longyearbyen is camping beneath the midnight sun.

2. Geiranger

A fan-favorite tourist attraction, this small village is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Geirangerfjord. Here, you can explore their most famous waterfalls, the Seven Sisters and the Suitor.

3. Skudeneshavn

One of the country’s most well-preserved tiny villages, Skudeneshavn, is simply known by locals as Skudenes. It provides an unforgettable “old town” experience thanks to the hundreds of white wooden houses lining the streets.

Aside from this, here, you’ll witness a wide variety of boats, too, including wooden, sailing, and vintage ones.

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