Top Viking Settlement Sites and Museums to Visit

Norway is famous for its breathtaking fjords, alpine tundras, and – most importantly – Vikings.

The history of the Viking Age goes way back from the 7th Century to the 10th Century AD, when the majority of conquest, raiding, and trading transpired all over Europe and even reached North America.

Fans of these seafaring folks go to Oslo and the Bygdoy peninsula to know more about their heritage. However, aside from the places mentioned above, here are the top Viking settlement sites and museums that you must pay a visit to once you set foot in Norway.

1. Nordvegen History Centre and Viking Settlement

The Norwegian village of Avaldsnes, situated in Rogaland county, serves as the birthplace of Viking civilization. It was once the center of power and the seat of Viking chieftains who controlled the Karmsundet strait.

Because of this, the country has established the Nordvegen History Centre and Viking Settlement to preserve this legacy. This widely-known museum and interpretation center is home to many salvaged Viking treasures.

Once you’re inside, do not miss the chance to check out several Viking-inspired merchandises.

2. Vikingvalley

Within the Gudvangen village, a bustling town lies known for having recreated the Viking way of life. Vikingvalley is a living museum where visitors get the chance to experience the Viking Age through many activities and crafts.

Modeled as a lively village named Njardarheimr, this famous spot features neighboring alpine sceneries and narrow fjords. Upon arriving in Vikingvalley, you can stroll through the town streets, enter the dwellings, or ask the “village chief” or “townspeople” for more information about Viking history.

Some of the activities you can participate in include hammer- and ax-throwing as well as longbow archery.

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