4 Unknown Facts About Norwegian Waffles

When it comes to sweet treats, Norway has a lot to offer, but waffles often top the list. Norwegian waffles are heart-shaped for the most part, topped with a magical combination of sour cream and jam.

However, there are at least four unknown facts you may not know about Norwegian waffles. Here are some of them.

1. Waffle is a recurring symbol of thoughtfulness throughout Norway.

A few Norwegian volunteers allocate a portion of their time every week. During this time, they give out homemade waffles to the homeless for free.

2. Norwegian waffles today are associated with cozy times all year long.

During the 13th Century, waffles were often perceived as part of church meals every Easter celebration. Aside from this, these sweet delicacies used to be breakfast meals.

3. Waffles have become a symbol of homesickness for Norwegians overseas.

As per the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, waffles symbolize a yearning for a home. The heart shape has become, for around 150 years, a trademark for what one can expect when stopping by a nearby church.

4. Without a special waffle iron, there is never a Norwegian waffle.

Heart shape aside, Norwegian waffles are notable for the checkered pattern made possible by the special iron.

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