Top Travel Tips A-Z

The Scandinavian nation of Norway provides a near-limitless experience that is worth your budget and time. However, suppose you want to make your travel to this country worthwhile.

In that case, you should ask locals and tourist offices for several helpful advice and up-to-date tips. The following information offers top travel tips from A to Z.

A – Alcohol

Norway has a slight difference in the age requirement for folks to drink alcoholic beverages such as beer, spirits, and wine.

In this case, tourists who are 18 and 20 years of age can sip spirits and beer or wine, respectively. Moreover, beer is available in most shops until 8 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on Saturdays.

B – Brochures

Our website provides numerous travel information, such as advice, maps, and top attractions, in place of the traditional printed brochures. So, check it out once you’ve decided to visit Norway.

C – Customs & Regulations

Before setting foot in this country, please take note that you’re only allowed to carry Norwegian and foreign banknotes and coins totaling 25,000 Norwegian krone (NOK 25,000).

Aside from this, it’s prohibited to import a large number of drugs, exotic animals, fireworks, and weapons and ammunition without special permission.

E – Electricity

The country’s electricity standard consists of 220 volts AC (50 Hz) and uses the continental European socket type.

I – Internet Access

Although the Internet coverage in most cities and towns is good, keep in mind that internet access in sparsely populated locations is often patchy.

L – Language

Talking to nearby natives poses no problems at all because the majority of them speak English almost fluently. In fact, others are even adept at French, German, and Spanish.

W – Water

Since Norway is one of the world’s safest countries to live in, it’s also safe to say that tap water in the country is universally drinkable.